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By Surprise 

                  [Jocelyn Velush]

Living for the hope of me and you
is the fantasy getting me through
and stabbing me like a knife
at the same time
when you’re always just

but now I’d give anything
to go back to the in between
where the agony was sweet

‘cause I’d gotten used to living
with the dull roar of heartache
but the piercing pain takes me
by surprise






Through the Haze

I think of you
delicate and dreamy
as I’m drifting off to sleep.

The feel of your arms around me,
like the warmth of the sun on my skin,
and I miss
the way you see me
through the haze.




Jocelyn Velush is a multi-passionate creative - intuitive painter, photographer, designer, and writer. As
an artist, she seeks out small moments of beauty that make her feel alive, and is inspired by
nature, color, movement, music and emotion. She believes that art can transform your space,
energy and life, and her goal is to help you see as much beauty in the world as she does. Her
education is in Business and French, but she is always enrolled in some type of creative course.
She is a toddler mom and lives with her family near Boston, MA.

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