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[submission guidelines]

Submissions are currently CLOSED.




[inherspacejournal] welcomes underrepresented and well-seasoned women artists. 


We strongly believe that you are the owner of your own work and have the right to publish your work in other areas. For this reason, simultaneous submissions are allowed but we ask that you inform us if your work has been accepted for submission to other publications (in the event that we have the privilege of documenting your work first). On condition that this occurs, we request that you recognize that [inherspacejournal] was the first journal to host your work.  


When your work becomes available, we will promote it on our social media accounts and promote you as an author. You will always receive credit for your own original work! If you would not like to participate in media promotion, please let us know.

During our reading period, we accept up to five pieces of work. If you would like to submit a chapbook, we request that it is no more than 20 pages (not including the title page, table of contents, or acknowledgments) with one poem per respective page numbered accordingly. 

If your work discusses subject matter that may be harmful to other individuals, (such as sexual assault, self-harm, suicide, depression, eating disorders, or death,) please include a *content warning* on your piece. We want this space to feel as safe and comfortable as possible, and want to protect both our authors and readers. 


Please send all submissions to and attach your desired piece (pdf or docx accepted) of poetry, art, creative nonfiction, fiction, or short story with the subject line: 






Submissions are currently CLOSED!


If you would like feedback before submitting your work, please do not hesitate to ask. This is an open journal, and we want to see you succeed!

We reserve the right to reject work we feel is unfit for [inherspacejournal].


[frequently asked questions]

How is the work published? 

The work is published on our website and is released in issues. We currently only publish in digital formats.

When is your submission period?

Currently, submissions are closed. 


Do you charge for submissions? 

We do not charge artists for sharing their work with us. 


Do you pay for submissions?

While we hope that one day we are able to compensate our contributors for their hard work and dedication to the arts, we currently do not pay for submissions. However, when your work becomes published, you will be showcased on our social media accounts and our digital issue! We also provide editing and feedback for those who want it.


What type of work are you looking for? 

We are looking for anything that showcases your emotions and creativity as an artist. This includes poetry, prose, short stories, fiction, creative non-fiction, paintings, drawings, photography, digital literature, and other graphics. Visual poetry/prose, or hybrid texts are highly considered! We also have no specific lengths on genre as long as it is not offensive or hateful to other individuals. If you are unsure if your art is within our criteria, please email us!


I want to submit a piece but need help editing. What should I do? 

Please contact us at


What rights does my work have on your site? 

As stated above, you are the sole owner of your own work and we want to respect your rights as the author. If for any reason you want to pull your work from our site, please let us know as soon as possible. 


How long until my work becomes published?

We will let you know at least a week prior to its publication and will keep in contact with you in the event that anything changes.

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