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[our mission]

In Her Space Journal is dedicated to uplifting the underrepresented voices of women.

[our vision]

Our vision is to support you through times of uncertainty and celebrate you in moments of joy. Together, our voices will be heard and our stories will be told.

[meet the founders]

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Maria Jungers is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of in her space journal

She was raised in Oceanside, California and embraces her bicultural identity as a Filipino American. She is the youngest of eight children. Currently, she is a graduate student at CSUSM working towards getting her master's degree in Literature and Writing. She loves the impactful work that she accomplishes as a writer and is always searching for ways in which she can serve others through her purpose. Maria believes that the strong voices of women are meant to be uplifted and valued. 


Danica Morris is a writer, poet, and co-founder of in her space journal. 

Morris was born and raised in San Diego, Ca, a place she still calls home today. Growing up, she often felt alone or isolated due to her adopted and biracial background, believing she didn’t have a voice. However, through poems and prose, she gained the power and strength to write about difficult times being a woman and an individual trying to navigate through life while discovering who she is. She hopes to inspire other women who connect with her through experiences, and hopes to encourage others to fight through their words. In her free time, she enjoys baking and finding new coffee shops to try.

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