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[root to Rise] is a space where we highlight the humble, yet powerful women around us that continue to show up for themselves and others in their community through literature, art, and every day dialogue that allows us to critically think about the society we live in. These notable women inspire and challenge us to confidently advocate for ourselves and question the ideologies that have been taught to us. We believe that sharing our experiences and narratives with each other perpetuates growth and broadens our perspective in understanding one another. To the women who illuminate positive representation and social change through their creative minds; this is for you. 

-The Editors [inherspacejournal]


 "Women of color have survived countless insurmountable odds, so I have to believe that storytelling of those histories will ensure our continued survival and success."

[Jade Hidle]

Heather 1.jpg

“Your obsessions come out in everything you write. It tends to become a part of the conversation of your work, and I think that this is true for a lot of writers”

[Heather Bartel]

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