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Bell Flower

                   [Jacquelin Molina Guillen]


  Spring breathes in momentary    blooms and
the silver morning     lets us not forget

   Like the virginal buds,   I stretch my neck
exposing bare cheek to    unfastening sky
and wonder

This must be   how the sun shakes us from sleep

Even among the soft song of raindrops falling on
City sidewalk      I hear the
     Softer chiming of wood hyacinth and

      I was once
the bell flower whose ringing awoke your
    slumbering heart

Jacquelin Molina Guillen is a Chicana poet from Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Weber State University in 2021 where she majored in English Literature with a minor in Literary Editing. Her work, which focuses on nature, womanhood and femininity, love, sexuality and spirituality, attempts to reflect on the unique intersection of these themes in her personal experiences and in the world at large in hopes of inspiring her readers to see the miracles in everyday life. She writes from her heart where there is sunshine everyday and this is reflected in her grounded voice. Jacquelin is a poet for peace.

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