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          [Sofia Folwarski]



Why do you linger?
I can feel you
The depth as to which this extends
I’m unaware
But there’s cracks

I’m afraid
You seeped into
That you reside in
I’m unaware of your awareness
Where that lies
Or perhaps
This is merely curiosity’s tint
My projection
Of you
The question mark
The one who I could never seem to pin down
Your punctuation was too broad
Too vague
I would’ve preferred
If you were a direct question
But you’re an open ended one
One that never seems to reach a resolve
Discontent by all that I offer
So I leave it to be open
Tinted by curiosity
For how long?
I’m unaware.

Sofía Folwarski is a proud multiracial writer, accrediting her Nicaraguan, Filipina and Polish heritage to her artistic identity. She writes poetry, screenplays, and short stories for now, but is open to creativity always and how that wishes to be expressed. In her free time she enjoys singing, watching movies (specifically phycological thrillers, horror and romance), and learning new languages, right now: Portuguese.

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