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divorcing a stranger

                               [Alivia Knight]




pouring through me
like the words
aren’t just mine to tell
but instead, all the women
who laid with the likes
of beasts like you
unbeknownst to themselves
maybe even married them – too
hurting and tired
are we,
shedding our skin now
letting out parts
of ourselves
that hid away
in the depths
of your mansplaining
your over justification
your oversimplification
of each miniscule
item we passed by
i mean really
your words played a lovely tune
but your hands,
now your hands
a standing ovation
for the act put on
during your façade

Alivia Knight is 23 years old and has been writing her whole life but has just recently decided to start publicly sharing it since her divorce. They are also a painter and a digital artist, but all of her art is centered around her writing. The subject she chooses to write about is her navigation through early adulthood, heartbreaks, childhood traumas, and her struggle with mental disabilities. You can find more of their writing and artwork at @aliviaknight_ on Instagram.

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