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                   [Lauren Lenyi]


There is dried blood under my nails.
A beautiful hue of maroon,
A sign I am still alive,
That the world still turns and burns.

But the dried flakes
Will not last long.
The bath water I’m in
will soften my skin.
I will resume peeling.
Layer by layer,
Inch by inch,
Going deep to the bone
If I’m lucky or just quick.

With each drop spilled
The water shifts to a muted red.
Like the color of wine in a glass well spent.
I watch the water transform
As I carry on draining
Everything I hate about myself.

I take the chance to submerge myself,
Cleanse, purify and baptize myself.
In the hopes to kill the monster within,
And begin.







Lauren Lenyi is a 19-year-old college student studying literature and writing. She recently published her debut poetry book entitled It Starts with the End about healing and overcoming adversity. She plans on writing and publishing more poetry volumes and short stories in the near future. When she is not reading or writing she enjoys watching movies, being around family, and playing with her two dogs. 

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