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Dare to Defy 

                     [Fairley LLoyd]


Oh, loved ones, keep your brave face,

for our days of battle have just begun.

Though we rose this high, more will

attack our defenses, twisting lies about

our worth. They crucify us, again and

again, each nail painting a new, deeper

shade of red, and when we die, the locusts

feast on decaying human flesh. They move relentlessly, mow everything in their path,

till all that is left is ash and dust. We will

face death yet again, but, like always,

we shall rise again. We resist our adversaries

bravely, daring to defy those who defy us.

Fairley Lloyd (she/her) is a Black and bisexual writer from North Carolina passionate about mental health and equity. She earned a BFA in creative writing with a publishing certificate from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her writing appears in Press Pause, Spoonie Magazine, Ripe Literary Journal, and elsewhere. You can find her online at or sporadically on Twitter (@fairleylloyd) and Instagram (@fairleywords).

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