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We are two women who created this inviting, safe space for other women to explore, inspire, and empower the voices that have been buried. 


In Her Space Journal provides a haven for creativity and growth. We provide a platform where your unique talents and stories can flourish and inspire change. Together, our collective contributions will sow seeds of inspiration and transformation.



[Jimena Yengle]

Bled, June 15, 2020


Dear Princess:


I have arrived at the remote circus, at the gates of the valley of fruity cream.

I have sat down to contemplate that rain of salted caramel, which bursts when dancing on a plot of pistachio.

I assure you, this scenario looks identical to your bowl of soup, filled with minty ice cream. Do you think I don't remember? My dishes were never part of an experimental gallery, until that day. Cattelan's niece.

How could I describe it?... This is almost as difficult as talking about you, classic natural emporium. You remember? Because I carry it in my standard term memory. It's hard for me to hold on to the present, as psychologists tell me. However, it is not the past that causes me anxiety, but true happiness. Your face in my memories just makes me wonder when I'll see you again.

It's time to turn these gray tights into puppets for our next show. I think of something clearly experimental, such as the soup that turned into ice cream. Do you agree? Will you come with me to fly this time? I promise to teach you what I know, when it comes to fighting pirates who tell grim stories.

I give you a magical world in your dreams, and warmth when you wake up. Something similar to what you offered me when we met.


Excuse me, I'm a bit inspired. A year ago I would have scoffed at this, frankly. It is only the beginning of an adventure, it is almost always the most stable and least terrifying part. I feel excited. I have so many reasons to feel this way. Bled is a wonder painted in a painting in your room, which I will never understand. I'd better start exploring and getting to know the point on earth where I've landed without reservation or rent.

I am writing to you as soon as I take a break, and go in search of a safe space on this Island.


loves you



Jimena Yengle (she/her) is a 20 year multidisciplinary artist, known for her book Roma Enamorada and her lyrical work.
She won the Girl Up Award 2022, director of the "Hey lovely Soul" Social Art Project (From Art to Heart Society) and manager of virtual spaces such as Magical Maneuvers and Roma Enamorada.
Her writings and her visual artworks are published by several international magazines. She directed the play Life of August for the Juvenis Festival in Kingston and published the children's story LAILA

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